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Word slinger | Story teller | Horse girl

Hi there. I'm Jess.


I am a creative content writer, social media ninja and word nerd from New Zealand.

"I come from the land down under.
Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder? " 

Yes, I know. That's an Aussie song. But still. I come from the land under the land-down-under! 

Do you need help from an equine industry expert that has worked in the horse sector for over 15 years? 

My personal experience in the horse industry (with all the trials and tribulations) helps me understand whats at stake for you guys.  I worked many years as a guide, a groom, and even a track rider. I know about early mornings, long days, and physical slog. I know it's not easy in the horse industry, and that is precisely why I came up with this business.

Industry experience is essential when writing for the horse industry - equestrians understand innately when someone doesnt know what they are talking about, and I understand that your hard earned reputation is important.

Let's work together to make it even better!

I write equine content that resonates within the horse community - because the best writing starts with an in-depth understanding of the subject matter.

I have a Bachelor of Arts from Canterbury University and a diploma in travel journalism from Massey University. 

I live the dolce vita in Italy with my boyfriend and daughter,  and when I am not writing about horses I can be found exploring the local area on horseback with my two Australian Kelpie dogs.

I am a qualified Italian equestrian guide and I have a deep love and appreciation for the local countryside and history.

Struggling to find time to kick off a media campaign, build a website, get a blog off the ground, or move into social media?  

No worries (as we say back in NZ).

All you need to do is get in touch.

Ah. By the way. I also speak Italian.

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Speak to your audience in their language about what’s in their heart (horses).

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