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Hi there. My name is Jess!

Equine content writer at your service!

I'm a mix of storytelling junkie and cowgirl.

My two passions in life are writing and riding, and I have been lucky enough to to synergize these two fields into my day-to-day life. 


I was plonked onto the back of a pony the for first time at 4 years of age, and from that moment I was hooked. 

I was lucky enough to be raised in rural (really rural) southern New Zealand, and horses were a constant feature in my life until I left the country in my twenties.

I grew up riding through some of the most spectacular countryside in the world. Herding sheep over open plains bareback,  chasing my friends over wooden gates on our ponies, and basically riding wherever our hearts desired. 

I learnt how to ride thanks to the quirky ponies and horses that were entrusted into my care along the way. 

I am eternally grateful for the hard knocks that these horses  gave me. They taught me so much more than just how to ride -  tenacity, the power of forward moving energy (on and off the saddle), and how to listen without hearing a voice.

I earned my equestrian stripes doing everything  from track riding racehorses at 3am on frosty mornings before  University , to guiding groups of  excited riders through the rugged hills of Tuscany (where I still reside today).

My equestrian experience has taken me all over the world. From a stint in Germany working at one of the biggest  sporthorse studs in the world,  to a dusty field in New Zealand training four half-wild polo ponies on my own.

Today I live near Florence. Italy with my boyfriend, daugher, two horses, dogs and cat. 

I gave up working directly with horses last year, and now  enjoy writing about the industry instead.  I love working with clients on all sorts of projects, but my specialty lies in assisting equine focused businesses in manufacturing original, unconventional content that resonates with those in the horse world. 

A world I understand well, after many years of working inside it.

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From informative product descriptions to unique web pages that capture  an equine ventures unique spirit; I do the jobs that take my clients away from their horses,  clients, and  businesses.

I immerse myself in each project, working collaboratively with  clients to make sure their voices are heard using catchy, quirky and relatable content marketing. 

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