Find your equestrian tribe, and get them involved in your story.

A great media strategy is the fastest way to raise your profile to an equestrian audience.


Do you need captivating content that will set your business apart from the rest?

How about dynamic and thought-provoking blog and social network posts that will encourage potential clients to engage with your brand? 

My scintillating SEO skills can help improve your site's search engine optimization and ranking and keep the search-engine-gods happy too. Content may be king of the web, but engagement is queen. You cannot buy engagement. You need to build it. 

Exceptional brand content entertains, educates, and  delights customers while representing your unique brand. With carefully crafted content placement, I help you get noticed as a credible thought leader and encourage customers and curious clients to interact with what you are saying to them. 

As an equine industry entrepreneur, I've started and grown businesses using social media marketing, networking and copywriting techniques and the strategies I set in motion are not just theories, but actual field-tested approaches that I have seen successfully boost business growth in the equine market. 

Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.

Do you need savvy social media content that the horse riding community can engage with?

I can supply you with social media management and support across the major platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+.

I am experienced with both Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy, implementation & pre/post monitoring of how the campaigns go. 

Special skills

Fluent in Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and experienced in analyzing metrics, identifying trends, and optimizing performance with campaigns. 

Proficiency with Buffer/HootSuite, Buzzsumo and SEMRush,Canva, Wordpress and Elementor.

Press Releases/Feature articles 

I have published several full-length feature articles in well-known equestrian publications such as The Paint Horse Journal and Baroque Horse Magazine - and I am happy to work with you to craft articles that accomplish your objectives and pitch these to media contacts.

Horseback destination branding 

My main gig over the years has been in marketing and branding for equestrian travel destinations. 

I have helped multiple equestrian centers and resorts get noticed on the international scene and gain a strong following on social media. 

The lucrative and exciting equine travel industry is extremely competitive, but with the right strategy and understanding of what agents and clients are looking for, it can completely change the way you work. 

Communication leads to community


Neglecting your equestrian marketing and advertising is akin to business suicide.  True community is about feeling connected to a social network, brand or a cause. 

Don't wish it were easier - hire someone to help instead


You have what your audience needs. Lets communicate it.

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