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Hi there.  I'm Jess from New Zealand. 

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"I come from the land down under.
Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder? " 

The equine industry isn’t a walk in the park – I know that first hand.  

A lifetime working with horses has given me a deep personal connection with the industry and the people it serves. That’s what prompted me to start Equine Content: a digital marketing agency created especially to help equestrian businesses.

Conducting business with equestrian clients across Europe and America, I have developed a deep understanding of the global equine marketplace and its requirements. 

My behind-the-scenes experience in the equine industry provides me with a unique perspective on what your audience is looking for. I help busy equestrian businesses communicate these crucial elements to customers through social media management, copywriting and marketing consultancy services. 

I have a Bachelor of Arts from Canterbury University and a diploma in travel journalism from Massey University. I am qualified as an Italian equestrian guide and my time working in the  equestrian travel industry has  granted me a deep love and appreciaton for the local countryside and history and a special fascination with the stories and native wildlife that can be found here.

When I am not writing about horses, I can be found exploring the local area on horseback with my two Australian Kelpie dogs Dusky and Taiko. 

Nothing captivates an audience like a good story

Need help creating strategic storytelling, public relations and content campaigns for your equestrian-focused business?

I produce unique equine focused content that is efficient and affordable for emerging and established equestrian players alike.

I am dedicated to providing top-notch services to my clients, making sure to be punctual and detail-oriented, but most of all understanding the purpose of my work and delivering a product that will satisfy and exceed client expectations.    

~  I promise to make it easy and eliminate the hassles and the stress of producing regular, high quality content. I can build a custom package that suits your business, your goals and your budget. 

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