Emotive storytelling for the equine industry


Writing Services for the Equestrian Industry

  • Web site copy 
  • Automated email marketing copy
  • Direct response advertising copy that motivates your clients to take action
  • Brand and online reputation writing
  • SEO content
  • Descriptive product listings and tour itineraries
  • Well written, engaging & thoroughly researched magazine and online articles.


Writer for hire

To capture the essence of the equestrian travel industry, a writer needs to know it from the inside. 

For fifteen years I guided groups of intrepid horseriders through Italy. I discovered extraordinary places and met people doing groundbreaking things. 

Hi, I'm Jess, A writer that understands the importance of industry experience, deep research, finding new angles, and telling stories that haven’t been told. 

 I am a freelance contributor to equestrian publishers like:

 The Chronicle of the Horse, Cavallo Magazine, Untacked, Baroque Horse Magazine, Trail Rider,Chrome, and NZ Horse and Pony