Equine Content Marketing

Jess Morton ~ copywriter and marketing strategist

SEO Copywriting

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Audiences are becoming increasingly less interested in pushy sales talk. 

In today’s highly competitive business space, you need to tell a good story to get noticed. 

If you've got an exciting product or a brand new service that you want the  world to know about. my equestrian copy gets your message across – and just so happens to tick all of Google’s boxes too.  

Marketing Content

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Equestrian blog posts, downloadable e-books, guides, newsletters, informative videos and landing pages – this is the reality of content marketing today. Producing actionable, relevant and high-quality content is an investment.  Quality content creates even more opportunities for your website to rank in  search engines and score social media traffic. 

Social media advertising

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Social media is a pay to play landscape these days and organic posting isn't enough anymore. On the other hand, while you don’t need to pay to share, you do need an audience to share. Without it, the impact of your content will be low. I test combinations of audiences and ad formats, measure the results and ensure your ads reach the right  users.

Corporate Communications

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Often overlooked, but equally as important as other business material, corporate content creation can be time consuming and frustrating for the busy executive or entrepreneur. I can help by writing your annual reports, white papers, brochures, press releases, capability statements and more.  

Email Marketing Campaigns

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One of the easiest ways to fail at email marketing is to not have a way for people to get on your list. It sounds obvious but it’s crazy how many businesses claim to have tried building their list, yet looking at their website leaves you struggling to sign up. Regular content is another way many businesses fall flat. You start out well, then life gets in the way. Before you know it you haven’t sent an email out for 4 months...

Let me take care of your email marketing. You’ll thank me for it later!

eCommerce Copy

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You know your product is the best thing since speedy beet– but do  your customers? Transform your web store with fresh copy that sells. Equestrian product descriptions on eCommerce sites are often poorly written, and neglect important features that only a horse owner would understand.  I’ll craft stand-out product descriptions and headlines that will encourage your ideal customers to click, call, convert and come back for more.